Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After debuting for a year and a half, at last BEAST's first full album is released!!!..yeay!!! I've been waiting for this baby..haha..the name given to this baby is "FICTION AND FACT'..this is the album's cover......

from left: junhyung <3, woonie, yoseob, kigwang, joonie, hyunseung

These are the tracks:
01. The Fact
02. Fiction
03. Back to You
04. You
05. Freeze
06. Virus
07. Though I Call / Calling You
08. On Rainy Days
09. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)

I wrote this entry while listening to these songs..It's hard to tell which one is my favourite, and I think I like all of them..haha..FICTION is a song about facing the pain of breakup, and it has 2 versions - fast and orchestra..To me, YOU is a very sweet song and and it is not a fast song..hehe..FREEZE is composed by JungHyung a.k.a JOKER <3 <3 (my bias!!!) ..

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